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Message from CEO

Water is Life!

Water is Scarce!

Water is Precious!

In South Africa, where water is a scarce resource, we established Dredging Africa as a way to contribute to the improvement, management and maintenance of the scarce water resources that we are custodians of in this part of the globe.

I, together with my entire team, pledge to make a difference:

– in the water storage capacity of our dams
– in the water quality in our dams
– in the aquatic environments we work in
– in people’s lives, through job creation
– in the positive environmental impact of our work
– to economic wellbeing of our clients, to our country and our people
– by raising standards for quality, efficiency and client satisfaction

We bring to you, our clients, state-of-the-art equipment, the best people, the best knowledge and a deep commitment to the environment.

This is what we stand for!

About Us

Dredging Africa was established in 2015 when the founding partners identified the need for professional dam cleaning services in South Africa.

From the very outset, our aim was to gain the best expertise and to invest in the best equipment available to achieve our goals. We’ve leveraged international industry knowledge and forged deep relationships from equipment suppliers in the Netherlands, the USA & Australia, and other parts of the world.

Using this knowledge and experience, Dredging Africa has also built our own specialised dredgers for South Africa which have proven extremely reliable and efficient.

Our dredger sizes currently vary in range from pumping rates of 200m3/hr to 1000m3/hr. Our flagship dredger, launched in February 2018, is the Cutter Suction Dredger ‘Indlovu’. This dredger is the only one of its kind in South Africa and has the capacity to dredge dams up to 6m deep and with a maximum pumping capacity of 1000m3/hr.

Since our inception, Dredging Africa has successfully completed a number of projects for clients ranging from mines and industries to public sector district and local municipalities.

The total volume of sediment removed from dams to date is in excess of 1,000,000m3.

In addition to silt removal from dams, we also carry out water plant removal projects, which range from reed infestations to invasive water hyacinth removal on dam surfaces. We focus on comprehensive dam cleaning solutions and we’re fully committed to investing in specialist equipment in order to assure our clients a specialist and wide-ranging service.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a professional no-nonsense specialist service provider in the field of dam cleaning and harbour dredging.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the number one inland water dredging company in Africa by the year 2025. We will achieve this by employing the best talent and by continuously investing in state-of-the-art equipment, as well as training and development in order to continue providing our clients with cutting-edge services.

Company Highlights

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August 2015

Established Dredging Africa (Pty) Ltd in South Africa

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February 2016

First project successfully completed

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January 2017

Launching of first locally designed and built dredger - Mvubu

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March 2018

Acquisition of first cutter suction dredger - Indlovu

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July 2018

Established DA International (Limited)

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August 2018

First International Project

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January 2019

Occupation of new offices

Expansion and Growth

Dredging Africa has demonstrated significant growth in turnover during our first years of operation. Our aim is to continue our growth and expansion organically in line with market demand.

However, we also believe that there is a significant knowledge shortage about dredging in South Africa. We believe that we can address this knowledge shortfall as our role as educator. This in turn will create market expansion, allowing Dredging Africa to position ourselves at forefront of demand when it is needed.

Dredging Africa is planning further expansion of its operations into projects such as harbour dredging and coastal replenishment projects.

We are also planning the establishment of a dredging school in South Africa.

Company Values

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Integrity is the hallmark of business. Without integrity and professionalism, we don’t deserve your trust or your business.

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Our belief in excellence reflects our unyielding passion and unfaltering commitment to strive for the best solution and experience for our clients.

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Safety of our personnel is our highest priority. Our commitment to our culture of safety is deeply embedded at every level of our company.

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Our people are our most precious asset. We commit to our people by providing them with skills, support and equipment that will bring the best out of them.

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We recognize that our clients are the reason for our success in business. We are committed to listen to them and to respond positively to their needs.

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As part of our commitment to local environmental protection, and local community engagement, we employ local people on our projects.

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Discipline across our teams allows us to provide our services in a safe, productive and effective way. We demand discipline right across all touch-points of our company.

Successful Projects

Lebalelo Water User Association

Cleaning of sludge from dams for environmental clean-up using Mudprawn and de-watering bags.

Anglo Platinum Mine

Dredging 165,000m3 silt from Mogalakwena Platinum RWD.

Glencore Coal

Cleaning of sludge from dams for environmental clean-up using LRE.

City of Tshwane

Dredging and excavation 22,000m3 from WTP Sludge Dams.

Eskom Roshcon

Removal 110,000m3 from Ash Return Water Dam (ARWD) pumping 85m high to Ash Dam.


Mining of sand from pit for sand winning – Project abandoned due to lack of water.

Ludwigs Roses

Cleaning of sludge from dams for environmental clean-up using LRE.

uThukela District Municipality

Dredging of 200,000m3 silt from Water Holding Dam Ladysmith.

Ipp Mining and Materials Handling

Desludging of Water Dam and Slurry Pit with Amphibious Excavator and LRE.

Wonderfontein Colliery

Dredging of coal slimes from lined Pollution Control Dam.

Retreat Retirement Village

Cleaning of pond.

Wescoal Mining

 Cleaning of sludge from dams for environmental clean-up using LRE.

HCI Coal

Cleaning of sludge from dams for environmental clean-up using LRE.

Exxon Mobil

Excavation of debris with LRE from Cape Town Harbour  – Construction Project.

Vergenoeg Mine

Dredging of silt from Slurry System Sump.

Ipp Mining and Materials Handling

Desludging of Return Water Dam.

Glencore Boshoek Smelter

Dredging of Plant Water Dam and cleaning of Stormwater Dam.

Metalkol RTR

Phase I of Dredging tailings from Musonoi River, Kolwezi, DRC.

Springs/ Benoni Hyacinth Removal

Removal of Hyacinths from the dams using Kato LRE and Happy Hippo.

Lebalelo Water User Association

Dredging 6 Raw Water Dams.

Kendal Power Station

Dredging of Water Holding Dam.

Eagles Canyon Golf Estate

Excavation of water plants with LRE from Golf Course Dams.

Duvha Power Station

Desilting of High Level & Low Level Dams.

Tronox Fairbreeze

Cleaning of Polution Control – and Residue Containment Dams.

Richards Bay Minerals (RBM)

Dredging MSP Dams.

Lebalelo Water User Association

Dredging Havercroft Raw Water Dams.

Anglo American Platinum Limited

RBMR Dam Dredging and Silt Recovery.

Company Reports

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Dredging Africa has featured in the following articles and publications:

- Africa Mining Mirror – Apr 2018 – Dredging Solutions in Water Scarce Environments
- Inside Marine – Jun/Jul 2017 – Dredging to keep Africa turning.
- Dredging Today - New Damen CSD 250 for Dredging Africa
- Kormorant – 16 Nov 2017 – 50% of hyacinths already removed
- Benoni City Times – 12 Feb 2019 – Sub-Contractor claims success with hyacinths removal
- Benoni City Times – 21 Feb 2019 – Hyacinth in Benoni will be gone by May
- Damen Press Release – 24 Jan 2018 – Damen Shipyards Cape Town contracted for CSD250 for Dredging Africa – also featured in Dredging Today
- Damen Press Release – 9 July 2018 – Damen delivers CSD250 to Dredging Africa for inland dredging projects – also featured in Dredging Today
- Article in Damen Dredging Journal – 20 March 2019 – Dredging Africa: The first Damen CSD in South Africa.

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2019 In Review

- Dredging Africa grew its operations by 64% in the 2019 financial year.
- We have invested heavily in our assets throughout the year, with more acquisitions planned to increase our production base.

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Future Outlook

- We have experienced tremendous growth as a company, despite the harsh economic climate of operating in Southern Africa..
- In future we plan to expand heavily into the African continent where pockets of growth are abundant.
- Our order book is growing tremendously and we foresee further growth as the Dredging Africa brand grows and becomes known among key players in the industry.

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