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International Dredging Services & Dam Dredging Services.

Dredging Africa specialises in a comprehensive range of international dredging solutions. Our expertise spans dam basin dredging, sump cleanout, lined dam silt removal, sand mining, environmental dam clean-up, and more. With a focus on harbour and waterway dredging and estuary and river desiltation, we provide tailored services to meet diverse project needs. Our team excels in specialist dredging consulting and invasive water hyacinth and water plants removal, ensuring efficient and sustainable outcomes. Explore our services to discover how Dredging Africa can support your project goals.

International Dredging Solutions by Dredging Africa.

Dredging Africa stands as your premier partner for International Dredging Services, offering tailored solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients. Specialising in Dam Dredging Services and Silt Removal Services (Sediment extraction, Mud clearing, Sludge elimination, Soil dredging, Particle removal), we excel in maintaining water storage infrastructure and enhancing hydraulic structures for optimal performance. Our expertise extends to a wide range of Dredging Equipment (Dredging Machinery, Dredging Tools, Dredging Gear, Dredging Apparatus, Dredging Instruments), including cutting-edge machinery and specialized tools designed to tackle projects of any scale with precision. Whether it’s reservoir dredging, estuary desiltation, or harbor maintenance, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results while adhering to stringent environmental standards. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, Dredging Africa remains at the forefront of the dredging industry, offering advanced solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Dredging Africa carries out the following services:

  • Dam basin dredging
  • Sump cleanout
  • Lined dam silt removal
  • Sand mining
  • Environmental dam clean-up
  • Estuary and river desiltation
  • Harbour and waterway dredging
  • Dam capacity enlargement
  • Hydrometric surveys and volume determination
  • Specialist dredging consulting
  • Invasive water Hyacinth and water plants removal
    Tailings re-mining

Dredging Africa has established an International affiliated company with focus on the African dredging market.

Dredging Africa carries out projects in the following geographical areas:

  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Botswana
  • Lesotho
  • Swaziland
  • Mozambique
  • Zambia
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Kenya

Advanced Dredging Gear Utilised by Dredging Africa.

Dredging Africa employs an extensive fleet of cutting-edge Dredging Machinery, Dredging Tools, Dredging Gear, Dredging Apparatus, and Dredging Instruments to execute projects with precision and efficiency. Our equipment lineup includes state-of-the-art cutter suction dredgers, horizontal auger dredgers, and specialized vegetation cutters, each meticulously maintained for optimal performance. From small-scale pond dredging to large-scale reservoir desiltation, our versatile fleet is capable of tackling projects of any size and complexity. Furthermore, our commitment to innovation ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, constantly investing in the latest technology to deliver superior results while minimising environmental impact. With Dredging Africa's advanced dredging equipment capabilities, your dredging projects are in capable hands, guaranteeing exceptional outcomes from start to finish.
Elaphant ICON only
Damen CSD250 ‘Indlovu’

This machine is a state-of -the-art Cutter Suction Dredger from Damen Shipyards (The Netherlands).

Operates with a depth reach of 6m and a maximum pumping capacity of 1,000m3/hr.

Ideal for small harbour dredging and inland water dams which are unlined and with a typical sludge removal volume of more than 50,000m3.

Elaphant ICON only
Horizontal Auger Dredger ‘Mvubu’

Specifically designed in South Africa for the dredging of lined dams.

Pumping capacity of 450m3/hr and a depth reach of 5m.

The horizontal auger is also equipped with protection wheels on the side together with rounded fibreglass pontoons, makes it the ideal dredger for plastic lined dams.

Additional high-pressure water jets at the fore of the cutter bar allows for further versatility and production efficiency.

Equipped with flow and density meters allowing the crew to keep proper track of the production rates and total material removed.

Elaphant ICON only
Horizontal Auger Dredger ‘MudPrawn 160’

Locally designed and built horizontal auger dredger.

Ideal for the cleaning of smaller lined and unlined dams.

Depth range up to 5m and a pumping capacity up to 300m3/hr.

Can be easily placed in a pond and be operational within a few hours from arrival on site.

Launching does not require a crane in most instances, which further adds to cost-effective establishment of the machine.

Elaphant ICON only
Horizontal Auger Dredger ‘MudPrawn 220’

Horizontal auger dredger, similar to the MudPrawn but larger in size and capacity. Ideal for the desilting of lined dams.

Pumping capacity of about 400m3/hr. Depth reaches up to 5m and can comfortably clean medium sized dams.

Elaphant ICON only
Vegetation Cutter and Dozer ‘Happy Hippo’

Specialized and versatile piece of equipment, designed to remove vegetation and floating plants from dams.

Driven by water wheels, this machine acts like a water bulldozer, but is also able to pick up large amounts of water plants for delivery to shore.

Front bucket is equipped with a cutter which enables cutting of reeds and roots of floating plants when required.

Elaphant ICON only
Long Reach Excavators: Hitachi ZX240

Excavator specially adapted with a 20m long boom/stick combination.

Can reach into dams where no normal excavator can.

Hitachi Zaxis ZX240LC-5G_SLF
18,5m Boom Length

Bell Super Exceed Kato 1
15,4m Boom Length – 3-arm boom/stick combination

Bell Super Exceed Kato 2
14,4m Boom Length

CAT 320
15m Boom Length

Elaphant ICON only

Dredging Africa owns all the support infrastructure that goes with the abovementioned machines to implement complete projects, including but not limited to the following:
• Support vessels (boats)
• Site vehicles
• Diesel Bowsers
• Booster Pumps
• Pipelines
• Floats
• Site Containers (storage and split containers)
• Field Service Vehicle
• TLB for site preparation
• Trailers for equipment transport
• Cables, chains, winches etc.
• Polymer dosing installation complete
• Tools and Maintenance Spares

Dredging Africa provides continuous training and development for our employees to ensure we meet in stringent client standards and requirements.

Skills Training Include:

  • Skippers Licences

  • Operator Machine Training

  • Basic Rigging

  • Focus on mining sector

  • First Aid

  • OHSA and MHSA
  • Supervisor’s Training
  • Legal Liability Training

Focus Areas:

  • Specific focus on silt removal from plastic lined dams

  • Invasive plant removal from dams

  • Provision of specialized dam cleaning equipment

  • Focus on mining sector

  • Focus on projects in South and Southern Africa

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